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Diaspora Entrepreneurs Podcast

Sep 21, 2019

Sometimes the best answer to a question is another question. In fact, sometimes the best way to find out an answer is with a series of simple, yet effective questions. This little habit forces your mind to think and relays all the outcomes in an effort to find the right solution.

You can use the question game to find...

Sep 13, 2019

Our minds are a fantastic thing. It is full of immense possibilities and has unlimited capabilities.

However, in today’s over-stimulated and fast-paced world, our minds can quickly become overwhelmed. Many people feel that their minds are never at peace.

There is a constant commotion that never stops, with an out...

Sep 6, 2019

"We all have different stories but as to whether we'd like to share our story is another story."  - E. Lamptey 
Indigenous House is a lifestyle brand that was created by Emmanuel Lamptey, a Ghanaian creative, to promote African culture across and beyond the borders of the continent. He had the idea in 2012 and with...