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Diaspora Entrepreneurs Podcast

Mar 31, 2020

Carla Magdalene

 Special Educator Aspire Academy Doha, Qatar

Founder & Host, Wellbeing & Wonder Podcast

On this episode Carla gave win win solutions to parents, entrepreneurs working from home and strategies in place.

Carla, Provides education, training and consultancy services that support quality learning and wellbeing.

My passion is learning. I believe that enjoying learning and having core skills are key to successful learning experiences. Through my work with learners who face challenges, I have found that where there are problems, there are solutions! Instead of teaching, I meet learners at their level and identify the skills they need to get back on track with their learning. Combining elements from what works in education with holistic therapy practices and a sprinkle of creativity, I create tailored interventions for any setting or learner.