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Diaspora Entrepreneurs Podcast

Oct 1, 2019

Mary Ipadeola

Mary Funke Ipadeola

Investment Facilitator


Venture Partner, in Financial Inclusion business, Trades and Investment initiatives.
Supporting development in Smaller African markets and developing European communities.

For me, it’s about personal freedom and financial inclusion.
I embrace the stage as a change agent for the underbanked while creating ease of market entry opportunities for friends of Africa to diversify into sustainable asset creation in impact projects through the I AM SDG Initiative programs.

Starting from a philanthropic background from age 14years with exposure to the various sector.
Delivering professional efficiency in Business and Accounting management with years of expertise as Consulting CFO positions in Corporate finance, Accountancy, VR Technology, Angel Investment, StartUp funding, and Non for Profit finance.

My current sector focus is in Agribusiness and Technology back end Infrastructure for investment opportunities.
I facilitate alternative portfolio options for Private Investors, Family Offices, Founders and Entrepreneurs for asset diversification in impact projects from emerging markets in Smaller African and European communities.

✅ The package funding proposal for Equity, Loan, Grants, Peer to Peer lending