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Diaspora Entrepreneurs Podcast

May 10, 2020

Jemma Regis – Businesswoman, Author, Blogger and
Retreat Host – Inspires and motivates others to overcome
emotional and mental adversity using her 4-step process
and her own determination to overcome 35 years of
As a Christian her journey in pursuit of intimacy with God
propels her to lead others in their quest for the same.
Her honesty and vulnerability in her books, Retreats and
Away Days, equip and teach all genders and ages practices
to maintain spiritual intimacy with God  
Her accolades include nomination for the 2014 Wise
Woman Award in the Life Turnaround category.

We discussed the 4 steps she applied to overcome depression.

  • Negative thoughts that are attached to the emotion
  • Thinking about what what you are thinking about
  • Challenge your thoughts
  • Apply the truth

We spoke about forgiveness of the past and foward focus on her upcoming book.

Enjoy this conversation with Jemma and I