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Diaspora Entrepreneurs Podcast

Jul 24, 2020

Being consistent may not be your major issue
But having a bigger vision, a life goal, a major outcome, life or death situation is the main gist.
My biggest vision right now is to activate and inspire 5000 Africans and Caribbeans diasporans worldwide in 3 years to move to Africa while leveraging all forms of digital tools to generate mutliple streams of revenue annually.

I started this by producing & launching my first summit the Diaspora Entrepreneurs Growth Summit 2019 and that moved me to continue the conversation into podcasting, I started inviting diasporans to share their strategies and also from other backgrounds as I believe there's no monopoly on intelligence or strategy. 
This vision has propelled me to keep looking for ways to bring about the possibility to reach out to millions of Africans & Caribbeans. 

My next virtual summit is the Move Back Summit 2020, (Learn Everything You Need To Know About How To Successfully Move And Thrive In Africa)

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